A website is an incredibly useful tool for displaying organised and detailed content about Scouting. Working hand-in-hand with other communications, they help to drive people to the information signposted via email, social networking or print-based communications.

Websites are a great place to store proactive support information for existing members, and allow new members to engage with, and learn more about Scouting. The general public can also obtain information about the organisation by visiting our site. 

Websites can be low cost compared to printed media. They can be updated continually, with fresh content to keep users interested. As a means of sharing the correct information as well as pictures, audio and video, websites are unparalleled. They offer two-way communication between members via comment boxes and discussion areas.

Here at CK Enterprises we believe in keeping it simple so here are two simple options

  • Build it simply with our website building tool designed so that anyone can use it Packages start from £1.52 a month – CLICK HERE 
  • Another option is our Complete working website package which is £199 but reduced to £139 if your part of the scouting organisation. If you like more info on this email us – info@ckenterprises.co.uk

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